A seemingly tranquil lagoon in the long shadows of afternoon.

Hello 2021

2020 was a rollercoaster year that saw unparalleled loss of life and life-quality for record numbers of people globally. However, for creative people, the lockdowns and isolation brought opportunities for change and advancement in the face of economic and health adversity. With reduced ability to engage in physical market place sales, creatives could finally see the value of the internet as a means of exposure and selling of work. 2021 is perhaps the beginning of the new normal.

New website for gilmourdesign.com by bob gilmour, port douglas, australia

The First Post – Again

Sometimes the best way to fix a website you’re no longer in love with is bin it and start a new one. Though, whilst that’s not always the way the experts suggest to do things on the web, the truth is that 2020 hasn’t exactly been a ‘do it as the book says’ kind of year. I’ve just struck a blow on a new website for Gilmour Design and hope to have it live by the time we roll into 2021 … or, such is the plan.

Pepper grinders and spice mills handmade by Bob Gilmour, Australia

Pepper Grinders & Spice Mills

I make a limited range of hand-turned premium pepper, salt and spice mills from beautiful Australian timbers. Every mill is fitted with the top quality ‘CrushGrind’ ceramic grinder mechanism.